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Books on ADHD Medications: NRC Staff Favorites

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The staff of the National Resource Center on ADHD has compiled a list of our favorite books on the medical management of ADHD in children. More detailed information on each title, as well as additional books and periodicals that discuss the treatment of ADHD with medication are available from the NRC Library's online database.
  • Straight Talk about Psychiatric Medications for Kids, Third Edition
    Author: Timothy E. Wilens
    Publisher: Guilford Press (New York, NY, 2008), 325 pages
    Summary: Written primarily for parents, this book answers questions, based on the medical knowledge available, about the treatment of mental, emotional, and behavioral problems in children that can be treated with medication.
  • Medications: The Ultimate Teen Guide
    Cheryl Gerson Tuttle
    Publisher: Scarecrow Press (Lanham, MD,2004), 248 pages
    Summary: This book for teenagers provides information about prescription and over-the-counter medications for common conditions in adolescence. Included are individual chapters on ADHD, anxiety disorders, and tourette syndrome.
  • ADHD: Parent's Medication Guide
    Authors and Publishers: The American Psychiatric Association and the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
    Summary: The guide provides information on symptoms, treatment options, types of medications, side effects, and co-occurring disorders. It is available online at the link above in both English and Spanish.
  • What's Up With Astra? Medikidz Explain ADHD
    Kim Chilman-Blair and John Taddeo
    Publisher: Medikidz (London, UK, 2009), 34 pages
    Summary: Many children affected by ADHD don't understand their medical condition. To the rescue are the "MediKidz," a gang of five larger-than-life superheroes on the planet "Mediland," each of whom specializes in a different part of the human body. Perfect for teenagers and adolescents affected by ADHD.
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