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Getting More Than a Sound Bite: ADHD in the Media

Ask the Expert Highlight:
The Representation of ADHD by the Media

Featuring David Goodman, MD

Do you sometimes feel that the media doesn't get it right about ADHD? Or have you been frustrated that a news report has missed the nuances of ADHD and instead gone with the sound bite rather than the whole story?

Dr. David Goodman, a treatment provider for adults affected by ADHD at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, discusses how ADHD is represented in the media in this free Ask the Expert Highlight webinar, how journalists frame the story, and what information they reference. He explores why some topics or aspects of ADHD are focused on more often than others and gives listeners tips on how they can respond to news reports about the disorder.

This article appeared in ADHD Weekly on July 27, 2017.

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