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Helping Women and Girls Thrive with ADHD

Ask the Expert Highlight:
Understanding Girls with ADHD

Featuring Ellen Littman, PhD

Did you know that girls and women with ADHD are more likely to be diagnosed with depression or anxiety, to view their difficulties with organizing and prioritizing as character flaws, and to suffer from low-self esteem because of their ADHD symptoms?

Ellen Littman, PhD, has spent her career helping girls and women affected by ADHD. She talks about what you can do to help your daughter with ADHD thrive in this special Ask the Expert Highlight. Watch now to learn what you can do, anchored in the latest research, to guide your daughter through the challenges of ADHD.

Interested in more? Dr. Littman will present Females with ADHD Across the Lifespan at the Annual International Conference on ADHD in November.

This article appeared in ADHD Weekly on July 13, 2017.

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