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February 15, 2018 Edition

The Beauty of a Family Affected by ADHD
ADHD doesn’t just affect a parent or a child; it could be thought that the entire family is affected by ADHD when one member has ADHD. A family-systems approach is often the most effective way to help with ADHD-related problems, especially when behavioral approaches and medication don’t seem to be enough.

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Sleep is not always easy when you have ADHD
Did you know ADHD can interfere with falling asleep? Most people affected by ADHD struggle with getting enough sleep. It can make getting through the next day harder and increase hyperactivity in some children who are over-tired. Keep reading for tips that can help make sleep a little easier.

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Ask the Expert Highlight: What Do ADHD and Autism Have In Common?
ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder haven’t always been though to co-occur by professionals—but many families already had experience with these disorders as a joint condition. In this special Ask the Expert Highlight, we learn more about how they do co-occur.

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