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Managing Mornings

Parents of children with ADHD often say that mornings are one of the most difficult times of the day. From getting them out of bed, dressed, eating breakfast, finding missing items and getting out of the house on time for school-- the whole morning routine can cause stress for all involved.

The recorded webinar below as well as the links to the three guides will give you helpful tips for keeping children ages 5-18 focused on completing morning tasks and leaving the house on time. You'll find tips, gadgets and apps to help with listening, following directions, organization, attentiveness and more.


Guides: Tips to Improve Early Morning Functioning

For parents and caregivers of young children with ADHD
For parents and caregivers of pre Teens with ADHD
For parents and caregivers of teens with ADHD

This webinar was sponsored by an educational grant from Ironshore Pharmaceuticals.