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Parent to Parent Program

Do you feel lost when it comes to ADHD and its related issues and concerns? Upon completion of this training, you will have a comprehensive map showing you how to effectively manage ADHD-related issues and advocate for your child.


Course Description

Designed by parents for parents, this 14-hour, multisession, interactive training program is delivered by certified Parent to Parent teachers. Their experience and perspective are provided to educate parents new to ADHD or those struggling to navigate its many challenges. Interaction with other parents will alleviate the isolation that parents of children with ADHD often feel. Sessions include managing the impact of ADHD on the family, developing parenting strategies, and using positive behavior interventions. Such a comprehensive offering is not found anywhere else. A certificate of completion is available to fulfill court-ordered or parenting class requirements.

Content and Objectives of Parent to Parent Family Training on ADHD

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Course Options

A - Face-to-Face Classes:  Price is determined by trainer
B - Join a Webinar:  Members $199  |  Non-members $249
C - Watch On Demand:  Members $149  |  Non-members $199


Benefit A B C
Nonmembers are automatically enrolled in membership x x
Instructor and students meet in-person x
Flexible learning x
Live class with scheduled learning days and times x x
Interact with trainer x x
Interact with class members x x
Become a member of the Parent to Parent Graduating Class Community x x
Comprehensive Parent to Parent Workbook x x x
Ongoing Registration x
Offers a Pre-recorded version of the 7 sessions x
Participants can pause and play each session at their convenience x
Access to handouts for each session x x x
Certified Parent to Parent teachers that have family members with ADHD x x x
Access to recording of missed session(s) is available upon request x