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ADHD in the News - September 26, 2013
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ADHD in the News - September 26, 2013

A weekly news digest** from the National Resource Center on ADHD: A Program of CHADD

  1. Study Shines New Light On Consequences of Preterm Births (Science Daily, September 25, 2013)

    "The new study by Indiana University Bloomington researchers confirms the strong link between preterm birth and the risk of infant and young adult death, autism and ADHD. But it also suggests that other threats that have been closely tied to the issue, such as severe mental illness, learning problems, suicide and economic woes, may instead be more closely related to other conditions that family members share..." Full Story

  2. Automated CHICA System Makes ADHD Diagnosis More Accurate (ScienceDaily, September 24, 2013)

    "Asking three questions of parents of 5- to 12-year-olds in the waiting room before a pediatrician visit may make a lifetime of difference for their child, according to a new study from Regenstrief Institute and Indiana University investigators..." Full Story

  3. 8 Ways to Help Kids with ADHD Succeed in School (PsychCentral, September 25, 2013)

    "Kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a neurobiological disorder characterized by inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity, tend to have a harder time in school because of the disorder...But this doesn’t mean that children with ADHD are doomed to bad grades or poor school performance. And, as a parent or caregiver, you can do a lot to help your child manage their symptoms and do well in school. Below, you’ll find strategies for success..." Full Story

  4. Top 6 Homework Tips for Kids with ADHD (OurKids.net, September 23, 2013)

    "For children with ADHD, homework can seem overwhelming or boring. As School Psychologists, homework is an area that we receive a lot of questions and complaints about from parents. Here are six of our favourite homework tips for kids with ADHD..." Full Story

  5. Kids Yoga May Help Relieve ADHD (Huffington Post, September 26, 2013)

    "September ushers in autumn, back-to-school, and National Yoga Month. Designated by the Department of Health & Human Services, National Yoga Month features yoga's numerous health benefits. Now research reports that yoga may help relieve attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children...here are three ways yoga may help relieve ADHD in kids..." Full Story

  6. Beating ADHD, Naturally -- Focus on Alternatives (Huffington Post, September 20, 2013)

    "I call it the September phenomenon. My practice fills with children getting ready for school, college students grabbing their last-minute prescriptions and everyone questioning whether they should refill their ADD/ADHD medicine of choice...While my practice goal is to identify each patient's unique ADD/ADHD type, there are general patterns that seem to be consistent for the majority of patients..." Full Story

**Disclaimer: Neither CHADD, the National Resource Center on ADHD, nor the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention endorses, supports, represents or guarantees the truthfulness, accuracy, or reliability of any included articles nor endorses any opinions expressed in any articles included in ADHD in the News. CHADD and the National Resource Center on ADHD merely provide access to such content as a service to you.

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